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Meet Our Animals

  • Honey is our oldest resident at 34 and the boss of the herd. She is a blind buckskin mustang pony that has been a huge part of the family for over 32 years.

  • Stinger the liver chestnut QH is our second oldest resident at 31. But don't tell him that. He still thinks he's 5. He is second in command to Honey. Stinger loves the ladies as well as drill, anything involving cows, gaming and trail riding. He is very much enjoying his retirement. 

  • Lily is the resident "baby" at 12 and is Honey's only daughter. She enjoys anything that involves her following Stinger around and is quite the practical joker.

  • Phoenix the 25 year old sorrel QH is the red headed step child as I call her. She is just gorgeous pasture art. She also has the loudest, scariest sounding whinnies we've ever heard.

  • Tucker the sooty buckskin is our newest herd member and Honey's newest best friend. Tucker was a part of the extended family for a very long time before he joined the family officially in 2020. He did drill with Stinger for 6 years. Tuck now spends most of his time doting on Honey and making sure she has everything she needs or wants. 

  • Dakota the border collie extraordinaire is the resident farm dog and takes her role as farm dog very seriously. She also enjoys chasing bubbles, laser pointers, light reflections and any form of ball, stick or toy she can convince you to throw. She is also a shadow killing expert.  

  • The goats Candy, Bruno and Buddy are here to assist in pasture maintenance and weed clearing. However, they have made it their job in life to get into everything and to entertain everyone instead. Don't leave anything unattended or your vehicle open. You'll wind up with a stowaway. 

  • The many chickens: Toothless, Sandy, Loleatta, The Bird, Phoenix, Rootbeer 1, 2, and 3, Millie, Princess Peach, Nestor, My Name is Jeff, Moe, Sammy Junior, Cruella and our roosters Boober, and Kellog. They also provide us with endless entertainment and delicious eggs. 

  • Texas our newest member is a Red heeler. He joins our family from a cattle ranch in eastern Washington. He loves chasing the goats and Dakota and most of all chasing and catching his tail. 

  • Lucy and Ethel are our resident ducks. They can be heard laughing at jokes daily.

These are just a few of the animals we board and care for on the farm. Let us know if you would like to join our family and board with us here in Renton.

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